Best Practices in Completing Educational Evaluations During School Closure

Published: May 5th, 2020
AASP (Arizona Association of School Psychologists) and NASP (National Association of School Psychologists) have provided helpful guidance for completing educational evaluations during the COVID-19 school closure. In addition, the Early Childhood Technical Assistance Center has developed a list of Norm Referenced Assessment Tools for Children Birth to Five Years with Potential for Remote Administration for Eligibility Determination.

“Screening and initial evaluation of preschool-age children is an area where it may be feasible to utilize existing data and standardized assessments to determine the presence of significant delays and need for specially designed instruction. There are multiple assessment tools that may be administered remotely in a standardized manner using adult raters for young children. Parents and Arizona Early Intervention providers may be able to provide adequate information to facilitate decision-making.” AASP-AZ 


AASP guidance accessible HERE

ECTA guidance accessible HERE

WEBINAR: Overview of Teleassessment Resources from NASP and AASP

The University of Arizona has provided a recorded webinar that walks users through the document. You can access the webinar HERE.