The Early Childhood Summer Summit: A Hero’s Journey!

Published: May 9th, 2019

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The first day of the Early Childhood Summer Summit: A Hero’s Journey started with a bang! Dr. Adolph Brown, III was the keynote speaker and what a treat it was to have a Master Teacher help celebrate early childhood educators. Dr. Brown was engaging, entertaining, and inspiring. His love for children and families, as well as his commitment to being real and honest with educators came shining through. The title of his keynote address was Love, Light, & Insight: Bringing People Together to Laugh & Learn. A key takeaway from today’s keynote was the five F’s philosophy for early childhood educators:

1. Keep it fun;

2. Be fair and keep space for everyone;

3. Don’t be afraid to be firm;

4. Be flexible when you can be; and

5. Have faith and cheer for yourself, your colleagues, your employer–everyone since you don’t know what they are going through.


Dr. Brown has earned undergraduate degrees in anthropology and psychology with a minor in education, master’s degree work in special education and experimental psychology, and a doctorate degree in clinical psychology. Whilst having a strong economic presence in his community with several established businesses, Dr. Adolph Brown, III worked as an anthropology undergraduate assistant for the late Dr. Mario Zamora, worked as a special education graduate assistant for Dr. Dennis Wade and as a statistics research graduate assistant for the late Dr. Ellen F. Rosen at the College of William and Mary.  Before joining the psychology/education faculty at Hampton University, Dr. Brown became one of the initial major investigators of “The School To Prison Pipeline” paradigm and received the First Annual Francine Kee Peterson Memorial Scholarship for Social Justice advocacy from his role model, social activist Geoffrey Canada.  While at Hampton University, Dr. Brown was selected to be a “Scholar in Residence” at NYU, nationally awarded “Service-Learning Fellow,” and earned the prestigious “E.L. Hamm Award for Distinguished Teaching.” Based on his record of teaching and research excellence in education, implicit bias training and servant leadership, Dr. Adolph Brown was appointed chairperson of his department, promoted as a tenured full professor and was also the dean of the graduate college. Dr. Adolph Brown continues to be a business, community and educational leader whilst being a continuous learner. Bringing People Together to Learn, Laugh & Lead has become his life’s work. To learn more: