Preschool Development Grant FY19 Funding Opportunity

Published: February 23rd, 2018

Preschool Development Grant (PDG) 2018-2019 Funding

PDG is a competitive grant. Eligible providers that wish to participate must:

  • Submit a proposal that outlines the number of children they propose to serve, as well as their service opportunities (full-day, or part-day combined with other funds to complete a full-day, and number of months); and
  • Be determined eligible and of sufficient quality to participate in the funding; and
  • Have the capacity to meet grant deliverables including programmatic, fiscal, and infrastructure capacities.

Funding allocations will be determined based on the information submitted in the proposal, the number of eligible programs, and total funding available. Proposals are submitted via electronic survey link to ADE ECE and must be submitted by the due date to be considered.

Allocations are dependent on available funding. Funding will be distributed based on the eligible programs who submit proposals for the upcoming fiscal year funding. There is the possibility that not all eligible programs will be chosen for participation nor may proposals be fully funded. All proposals will receive notification of award or non-award of PDG. Award letters will be sent via email to awarded sub-grantees. The award letter which will indicate total program funding award as well as the total number of children that can be served with the funding.

Allocations are calculated by the number of slots (full-time, or part-time combined with other funds to enhance a full day) and number of service months (9 or 10 months) and are limited to the funding amounts in the chart below:

Informational Webinar: Watch the informational webinar to learn more about the PDG fiscal year 2018-2019 funding opportunity to increase access for age- and income-eligible children to attend high quality preschool.
PDG FY19 Informational Webinar Flier 
PDG FY19 Informational Webinar Presentation PDF

icon Video Recorded PDG FY19 Informational Webinar:

PDG FY19 Proposals

PDG FY19 proposals open February 1, 2018 via the Survey Net link below and will close March 1, 2018 by 5 p.m. Proposals are only accepted as electronic survey submissions at: Only completed surveys with all required data will be reviewed by ADE ECE. Please save a copy of your proposal submission for your own records.

This document is intended to provide a place to record necessary information before submitting a proposal: PDG FY19 Proposal Template. The survey platform does not permit submitters to save and return to the submission.

For additional guidance and information related to PDG FY19 implementation and requirements: 2019 PDG Manual.

For a PDG overview, additional PDG information and resources, and PDG webinar with FY19 proposal guidance: For questions or technical assistance: [email protected] or 602-364-1530.

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