Published: April 24th, 2019

This year our Arizona Department of Education CTE Data Portal will be transitioning away from direct entry (or upload) of most data into the application.  Most of the Federal Perkins data will be submitted from your district Student Information System (SIS) and into the Arizona Department of Education Data Standards (AzEDS) system.  We are sending notification to CTE Directors, CTE Data Reporters, Secondary Business Managers, and Secondary Superintendents in order to provide notification of this ongoing change.  You received a communication on March 14, 2019, which included a complete listing of the data elements that will be pulled from the AzEDS system into the CTE Data Portal over the course of this next year.  We are attaching this once again in case you did not receive the information in this earlier message.  Please note, in particular, the highlighted fields on the spreadsheet as they are new data elements which you will want to discuss with your SIS vendor.

This communication is to provide clarification regarding one of the data elements you will be submitting in order to meet the CTE Perkins data and accountability requirements.  One of the first data elements due this year is the complete Coherent Sequence for all the career and technical education programs offered to students of the district.  A Coherent Sequence is:

“A comprehensive series of courses required for an individual career and technical education program.”

When your registrar enters courses into your SIS system (to be transferred into the AzEDS system) you must enter all courses that make up the coherent sequence of instruction for each CTE program offered to students.  This includes ALL courses of each program, regardless of whether or not there will be student enrollment in those courses this school year.  Perkins funding requires confirmation that all career and technical education programs offered by the subrecipient meet the requirement of a coherent sequence of instruction.  By providing this information, you will be verifying that you have met this requirement.

In order to facilitate this, we have attached the 2019-2020 Approved CTE Program/Course List, which now includes the corresponding ADE Course Catalog Number for each course of every program.  We have also included the 2019-2020 Local Occupational Program/Course List for those subrecipients who have received approval from the Arizona Department of Education to implement a local occupational program.  This second list also includes the corresponding ADE Course Catalog Number for each course of every local occupational program.

We have worked to revise the ADE Course Catalog to include ONLY these options and have deleted other erroneous entries from the listing.  It is imperative that this information be shared with your district registrar to ensure that the correct information is entered to complete your Coherent Sequence of courses for this year.

If you have questions related to the Perkins programmatic requirements, please feel free to contact either:

–Janet Silao at [email protected]

–Tammie Chavez at [email protected]

If you have questions related to the Perkins data elements (attached), please feel free to contact:

–Donna Kerwin at [email protected]

If you have questions related to the upload of information into the AzEDS system, please contact:

–ADE Support at [email protected]

Further updates will be sent as the transition proceeds, however, we need your assistance to initiate these first steps in the process.  I am sure that by working together, we can make a smooth transition.  Please do not hesitate to get in touch with the ADE staff noted above if you have any questions related to this communication.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation!

–Coherent Sequence for 2019-2020 CTE Programs-Courses – Excel

–Coherent Sequence for 2019-2020 LOP Programs-Courses – Excel