Apply to the Student Advisory Council

Published: August 15th, 2019

The Student Advisory Council has been created under the administration of Superintendent Kathy Hoffman in her efforts to lift up the voices and perspectives of students and teachers in Arizona. This Student Advisory Council will support the Superintendent’s work to improve education in Arizona with the input of those most affected by the department’s policies.

This year, 15 students from grades 5 through 12 from schools in Arizona will be chosen for this council. The students will serve on the council from October 2019 to July 2020. Student Advisory Council meetings will take place in Phoenix but selected students who live outside the Valley will have the option to attend the meetings via phone or video conference.


Description Members of the Advisory Council will represent their school communities and discuss issues important to students in Arizona. They will advise the State Superintendent and the Department of Education about the department’s policies which have statewide impact.

Qualifications Each applicant must be currently enrolled as a full-time student in Arizona and maintain solid academic standing.

Students from all school backgrounds are eligible to apply, including students who are home schooled.

Application Directions: This form should be completed and submitted before midnight on September 16, 2019. In addition, each applicant needs to email 1-2 letter(s) of recommendation from a teacher, employer, mentor, parent/guardian, or community leader to [email protected]. If you need to submit the letter(s) in a different format, email [email protected]. Applications/letters of recommendation that need to be mailed, should be mailed to Arizona Department of Education Attn: Sophia Mayberry Bin #2 1535 W Jefferson St Phoenix, AZ 85007.

Selection Process: Applications are due Monday, September 16, 2019. After an initial review of applications by ADE Employees and Community Members, applications will be evaluated and qualifying candidates will be asked to participate in an interview between September 23-29, 2019. Applicants will then be notified by Friday, October 4, 2019, if they are invited to serve on the council.


For further information email [email protected].

Important Dates to Save and Advisory Council Meeting Schedule:

Application Process Dates

August 15, 2019: Application Available

September 16, 2019: Applications Due

September 23-29, 2019: Student Interviews Conducted

October 4, 2019: Student Advisors Selected

Council Meeting Schedule 4pm-6pm

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Wednesday, January 29, 2019

Wednesday, April 29, 2019