Arizona Career Ready

Image of figure standing at a crossroads deciding which path to take.

We must prepare all students to become career and college ready, but sometimes we lack necessary skills, current information, or the resources to do an exemplary job. Career development is the proactive planning and implementation of action steps towards defined career goals. Although this definition of career development is related to career planning, it’s a definition that can be applied to any area we want students to succeed in. To prepare every Arizona student to leave high school career ready will require educators to expand their knowledge.

To help with expanding career development knowledge and to help build career literacy, the Career Technical Education (CTE) section of the Arizona Department of Education has developed a professional development opportunity, the Arizona Career Ready Program.

Four career modules have been designed and will be offered throughout the year as needed. Modules will be online, hybrid, or can be customized “in-person” to meet particular site’s needs. Consider participating in an online module.


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