Identity Search

Published: September 22nd, 2016

Identity Search – Suffixes

When trying to find a student with a generational suffix using the AzEDS Identity Search Tool (example: John Smith Sr), you may be having a hard time returning the desired results. Within student information in SAIS, suffixes were often included in the “Last Name” field, not within the “Name Extension” field. When student information was copied over into AzEDS, the suffixes stayed in their respective field where they were located within SAIS.

When using the AzEDS Identity Search Tool, if entering the “First Name”, “Last Name”, and “Suffix” does not return the exact match you are looking for, you can do one of two things to find your match:

1. Enter just “First Name” & “Last Name” OR 2. Search “First Name” & “Last Name%” (i.e. Smith%)

With option one above, multiple results may be returned if your student has a common name, but can manually determine your student from the list of possible & exact matches. With option two, the wildcard function “%” will enable you to find the suffix if it is embedded within the “Last Name” field.

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