Published: January 18th, 2018

ESS Applications Renamed in ADEConnect

By way of information, the following applications have been renamed as indicated:

  • ESS EDP and Approved Private Day School is now ESS Private Day and RTC Approval
  • ESS Funding and Maintenance of Effort (MoE) is now ESS Maintenance of Effort
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Published: June 1st, 2017

New Roles for Accountability A-F CCRI Self-Reporting

The Accountability A-F CCRI Self-Reporting web application is going live today (June 1) and will be available until July 15, 2017, at 5:00 p.m. The application allows schools and districts to enter the CCRI Points Earned total displayed on the completed College and Career Ready Self Reporting Score Spreadsheet (A-F CCRI Self Report Spreadsheet.xlsx).

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Published: March 6th, 2017

ADEConnect Update: Imminent Enhancements Edition

Read the March 6, 2017 newsletter version of the ADEConnect Update: Imminent Enhancements Edition or simply read on for the latest updates.

We know that entity administrators often feel unheard, ignored, even neglected as they toil to match roles with users and users with entities. The job is a thankless one, usually only recognized in the rare moments when the keyboard sticks and an email address is mistyped. We are here to tell you that we hear you. In fact, we not only hear you—via email, telephone, instant message, face-to-face meetings, surveys, and one time a carrier pigeon—but we understand your frustrations and are working hard to provide solutions. In direct response to your feedback and requests, ADE’s Information Technology division has built two new applications to enhance your ability to get things done. Discover how the new Self-Service Portal puts solutions at your fingertips. Then read about the exciting new features coming to the Entity Admin Application and learn how you can help with testing.

Self-Service Portal

In response to popular demand, and not a few support center prayers, we are launching a self-service help portal for ADE application users throughout Arizona. The portal will officially go live on Tuesday, March 7, 2017. Read on to learn more about what you can do with this powerful new tool:

  • Access the portal in one of two ways:
  • Easily navigate the portal using any web browser
    • Browse the catalog by subject
    • Search by keyword
    • Helpful hints guide you along the way
  • Find answers to your questions in the form of how-to guides, FAQs, tutorials, and technical documentation
    • Help article library for ADE applications and services, such as ADEConnect, Grants Management, or the Event Management System
    • Rate articles by usefulness and bookmark your favorites
    • Popular articles are highlighted in each catalog subject area
    • New content is added regularly
  • Submit and manage your service requests (support tickets) from within the portal
    • Create application-specific or general service requests via web form
    • View and track your own tickets, both current and past
    • While the portal is not able to show all tickets associated with an entity (school and/or LEA), we hope to include that much-requested feature in the future

Entity Admin Application

With nose to the grindstone and pedal to the metal, the ADEConnect team is making great progress on the new Entity Admin Application. Set to launch this Spring or Summer (depending on if you mean Arizona Spring or actual Spring), this feature-rich application will be the answer to many an entity administrator’s prayers (or curses). In the meantime:

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Published: March 6th, 2017

Entity Admin Application Preview


The ADEConnect team has been working hard and the new EA Application is coming together. ASCUS attendees were treated to a preview of some of the application’s most anticipated features and we are excited to share that glimpse of the future.

  • Cross-browser Compatibility—Entity admins will be able to use any of the four popular web browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari
  • Real-time Updates—Changes to user accounts will take effect immediately
  • Bulk/Multi-user Tools—New utilities allow changes to be made for multiple users at once (include screenshot for one of items below)
    • Bulk creation of new ADEConnect accounts
    • Bulk application role assignment and removal
    • One-step user relationship removal
  • Ready Reference—Integrated help screens, tooltips, FAQs, and training videos

The EA Application is scheduled for release later this year. Stay tuned for updates!

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Published: February 7th, 2017

ADEConnect Update for February 7, 2017

The February 7, 2017 edition of the ADEConnect Update newsletter has just been published.


The AzSAFE (Arizona Safety Accountability for Education) Data Portal will be available in ADEConnect beginning February 15, 2017. ESS Data Management will soon send a communication to all ESS Annual Data users detailing how they will help LEAs with bulk assignments in ADEConnect.

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Published: December 14th, 2016

ADEConnect Update for December 14, 2016

Read the latest edition of the ADEConnect Update newsletter (December 14, 2016) or simply read on for the news.

State Tutor Fund Application

The State Tutor Fund application now uses the role “State Tutor Fund – Coordinator” in place of the role “State Tutor Fund – LEA User.” All users assigned the latter (LEA User) will automatically be assigned the former (Coordinator), which is also available for new assignments at the district and school level. All roles can be reviewed in the State Tutor Fund Roles reference document.

New ADEConnect Entity Admin Application Coming

The ADEConnect team is excited to announce that early 2017 will bring a new Entity Administration application with an updated user experience and powerful new functions. Highlights include:

  • Cross-browser and platform compatibility – The application will work in any major web browser and on Mac
  • User group management – Create groups of users and assign roles to group instead of each individual
  • Bulk account creation – Create and assign multiple accounts in one step
  • Real-time updating — Account changes become effective immediately
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Published: November 3rd, 2016

ADEConnect Update for November 3, 2016

Read the latest edition of the ADEConnect Update newsletter (November 3, 2016) or simply read on for the news.

ADEConnect Roles Updated for ESS Surrogates Application

The ESS Surrogates application is being updated on November 7, 2016, to include the role ESS Surrogate: School User.

Migrant Student Application

The Migrant Student Application has been out for awhile and we have the ADEConnect roles document to help you use it.

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Published: October 18th, 2016

ADEConnect Update for October 18, 2016 – Special Edition: Common Logon

This post also appeared in the October 18, 2016 edition of the ADEConnect Update newsletter sent to entity admins.

Welcome to a special Common Logon edition of the ADEConnect Update! ADE has created an interactive, web-based Common Logon & Entity Profile Requests Form to handle two very important Common Logon-related tasks:

  • Submitting Common Logon user and access requests
  • Requesting changes to an Entity Profile
  • Common Logon User and Access Requests

This form replaces the old process of emailing ADE Support to requests user profile or permission changes in Common Logon. Now, Common Logon entity administrators need to submit the web form for each user-entity pair, indicating exactly what needs to be done. The form automatically creates a ticket in ADE’s support-tracking system, with a confirmation of the ticket sent directly to the entity administrator’s email. This process provides entity administrators and ADE both with user-level ticket monitoring and ensures that the entire system is auditable.

Entity Profile Requests

In place of the old PDF form, all requests to create or change an entity profile will now be submitted via the Common Logon & Entity Profile Requests Form. When submitted, the form will automatically route to School Finance for approval and fulfillment, with an email copy sent to the requestor.

Quick Answers

— The term “user-entity pair” means the record for any one user at one entity. Since in Common Logon, all users exists as users within an entity (rather than independent users assigned to entities), user profile and access updates must be requested for each entity affected. For example, if Mary Jones works for three different entities, she has three separate records in Common Logon, each listed first by entity. To update Mary’s email address at all three entities, the entity administrator(s) will have to submit three requests.

— Entity administrators can no longer request one user’s permissions be “copied” to another user. In practice, such “copying” has never been possible in Common Logon. To fulfill such requests, ADE employees have had to find the first user, write down that user’s permissions, then find or create the second user and add the permissions they wrote down before. The new process requiring the entity administrator to specify permission for each user at each entity places responsibility for tracking user permissions back where it belongs: in local hands.

— Since some application permissions are managed by School Finance, the new request process requires separate forms to be submitted for School Finance-related user requests. While this may seem like a duplication of effort, it will actually speed up request fulfillment times. Rather than passing the same ticket between ADE divisions, which can lead to delays and miscommunication, each team will have the details it needs to complete its assigned tasks.

— As applications move from Common Logon to ADEConnect, the web form will be updated to reflect current Common Logon offerings.

–Note: The process has not changed for the School Lunch Program or Child and Adult Care Food Program.

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