FAQ: Weighting not inheriting properly from District Grade Book settings

Published: February 6th, 2017

Known Issue

Following the installation of 10.05, Assignment Category Weighting may not be inherited for every grading period of a class. For example, if a Semester 2 class is accessed in Grade Book for the first time, Assignment Category Weighting inherited from a District Grade Book may only apply to the initial grading period loaded for the class; the other grading period(s) may not inherit any weighting.

Who is affected?

Any districts that:

  1. Have installed Synergy version 10.05
  2. Utilize a District Grade Book to set Assignment Category Weighting
  3. Meet one of the following criteria:
    • The class in Grade Book was not opened prior to installing 10.05 and therefore did not inherit Assignment Category Weighting from the District Grade Book. If Assignment Category Weighting had been inherited prior to 10.05, the class will NOT be affected.
    • The Assignment Category Weighting associated with the District Grade Book was modified AFTER installing 10.05.


For example, if Synergy version 10.05 was installed and then a teacher tried to access Semester 2 classes in Grade Book for the first time ever, only one grading period of the Semester 2 class would inherit Assignment Category Weighting from the District Grade Book.


A Statewide Improvement package will be created to address this issue.