Average Daily Membership Calculation for AOI Students Updated

Published: January 27th, 2017

The projected Average Daily Membership (ADM) calculation for AOI students was incorrect. The projected ADM calculation for AOI students is a multiple step process.

1. Calculate average daily instructional minutes by dividing the total number of reported instructional minutes by the number days in the interval. 2. Calculate expected annual instructional minutes by multiplying average daily minutes by the number of remaining days in the school year. 3. Add earned annual instructional minutes to expected annual instructional minutes to get the projected annual instructional minutes. 4. Calculated the projected ADM by dividing the projected annual instructional minutes by 54,000.

In the first step, the number of days in the interval was being calculated as the number of days between the membership begin date and the end of the school year. Using this methodology the average daily instruction minutes calculation was producing artificially low numbers resulting in a unexpectedly small projected ADM for AOI students. The calculation was changed to consider the interval length as the number of days between the membership begin date and the date capture date. LEAs with AOI students should review their ADM 20 report to review the impact of this change.