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Published: June 30th, 2016

ASCUS Questions for ADE Regarding AzEDS

After the spring ASCUS meeting, there were numerous questions for ADE IT after ADE CIO Mark Masterson spoke, as well as during the breakout sessions. The questions were divvied up and assigned to whoever was responsible for that question in the agency. Check out the answers here:

Published: June 30th, 2016

AzEDS July 1 Rollover Process

The following letter was sent out yesterday to all LEAs regarding the July 1 rollover of AzEDS:

Published: June 23rd, 2016

ADEConnect Update Newsletter – June 23, 2016

Hot off the press, we present you with the June 23, 2016 edition of the ADEConnect Update newsletter. Read all the news at the link below: June 23, 2016 ADEConnect Update Newsletter

Published: June 23rd, 2016

Welcome to ADEConnect FAQ Blog

Welcome to the new format of our ADEConnect FAQs! We are transitioning from a static list of questions and answers to a more dynamic blog format. Feel free to subscribe to have new FAQ posts delivered by email, but please be patient while we work out the bugs in our new system. Thanks!

Published: June 22nd, 2016

Reminder: EOY Payment Processes

Just another reminder to follow the end-of-year payment processes. Read the email here: Process Emails End-of-Year Process Email Beginning-of-Year Process Email

Published: June 21st, 2016

Reformatted Use Case Document

The Use Case Scenarios document has been reformatted to make it more user friendly. All code values are now on a dedicated page and it is no longer necessary to scroll far right to read descriptions. Click here to view the new Use Case document

Published: June 10th, 2016

Deployments: Week of June 13

REST API 2.3 is available: API 2.3: Swagger 2.3: Admin Portal 2.3: Use Case Scenarios 2.3 is available: Use Case Scenarios Release Notes Bug fixes for rules: Membership Rules SPED Rules