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FY 18 A-F Business Rules for Traditional Schools

FY 17 A-F Business Rules for Traditional Schools – Updated business rules 10/09/17 due to Board decisions on cut scores, appeals, graduation rate and SGP/SGT.

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CCRI Self-Report Spreadsheet FY18 deadline is July 13th at 5pm

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Graduation, Dropout & Persistence Rate Tech Manual (Update August 2017)

Appeals Docs/Process

During the embargo period, the State Board of Education’s A-F Appeals Committee will evaluate appeals to letter grades based on: 1) environmental issues or events; 2) adverse testing conditions; 3) a school or community emergency; 4) a school tragedy; or 5) other similar substantive events. The Committee will not evaluate appeals based on disputes regarding statistical computations or data within the control of the school.

 Schools may request either an expedited appeal (document only review) or a non-expedited appeal (document review and appearance before the Committee). The Committee consists of three members of the Board which will evaluate each qualified appeal and vote to approve or reject the appeal based on the rubric established by the State Board of Education. For appeals that are approved, the Committee’s recommendation will be used in the final letter grade. For appeals that are denied the calculation using the original finalized data will determine the school’s letter grade.

 For more information on the policies and procedures of the appeals process, including on how to file an appeal, see Appendix A of the Business Rules document or visit the State Board of Education’s website at