Are you ready to launch your efforts to improve teaching and learning for English learners?

Published: February 26th, 2019

Building Equity for English Learners in the Content Areas – In this three-day intensive institute, teachers and leaders will learn how to implement integrated science, social studies, literacy, and English language development (ELD). The institute deepens and broadens understanding of ELA, ELP, Science, and Social Studies Standards in SEI and mainstream classrooms. Click here for more information.

Supporting English Learners in Mathematics – this three-day intensive summer institute focuses on deepening understanding of the components of high-quality instruction that integrates the State Standards for Mathematics, the Standards for Mathematical Practice and the English Language Proficiency (ELP) Standards so that all students can experience success in developing conceptual knowledge and the English language simultaneously. Click here for more information.

STEMSS CRUISE EL Professional Development Program hosts monthly workshops and summer immersion at ASU to help educators develop and implement strategies, technology tools and instructional materials, drive improvement of academic vocabulary for ELs in the classroom, create and implement parent/family engagement events, and build knowledge and familiarity with technologies and instructional strategies to assist in the develop of academic vocabulary at home. Click here to learn more!