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The Support and Innovation Unit will be providing our schools with workshop time to explore and learn about the Planning Tool in GME. You will learn the functionality of how to complete the CNA, upload your Root Cause Analyses fishbone diagrams, and create your IAP within GME. This training is for teams of 2 – the site principal and LEA representative who will work together to learn the LEA and School roles in the process.  All Support and Innovation workshops will take place at ADE on Jefferson St.  Bring your laptop or other device to access the Planning Tool.


Prerequisite – Attendees must be set up via their LEA User Access Administrator in GME as an:

• LEA Plan Update User, and/or 

• School Plan Update User 


The following trainings can be accessed on the ADE Event Management System (EMS) to register. Seating is limited. Please register for only one session.

Title: Support and Innovation’s GME Planning Tool Training

January 9  8:30-11:30 am

January 16  12:30-3:30 pm

January 23  8:30-11:30 am

January 30  12:30-3:30 pm


There are several important issues to consider when establishing a partnership with an external provider to improve teaching and learning. It is important to carefully select a provider who will support your work in addressing the root cause of your primary needs through the use of evidence-based strategies. Equally important is that the provider has evidence of impacting this primary need in similar school contexts which resulted in improved student outcomes. Below are two documents which will support your efforts in selecting and working with external providers.

Guide to Working With External Providers – The 4th edition from the District & School Improvement Center at American Institutes for Research supports schools and LEAs by providing the necessary tools to ensure successful partnerships that lead to improved teaching and learning.

Selecting an External Provider – This two page document summarizes key steps from the 4th edition Guide to Working With External Providers.

Think Different, Think Equity –  MTSS Cohort 2 – Announcement



The Evaluating Progress Webinar, conducted 9/25/19, is now posted to our Professional Learning Page


Trauma-Informed, Evidence-Based Programs from Dr. Becky Bailey

Transformational Social-Emotional Learning and Classroom Management

  created by Dr. Becky Bailey