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AzEDS Submission to ADM Reports

Part 1: Definitions, Processes, and Reports


Which reports do I use for which purpose? What is ADM? What goes into my LEA’s payment? Is there an easier way to track my students? Where do I find things in AzEDS? What does “reconcile your ADM” even mean? I have thousands of errors; what do they mean?

Supporting Materials:

  • Make sure you have access to ADE Connect and Reports in the AzEDS Portal. Link to ADEConnect:
  • It will help to understand AzEDS Features and AzEDS Reports, please read some of the Quick Reference Guides (QRGs). It will help if you are familiar with the Integrity Rules, they are published on a series of pdfs. Link to AzEDS QRGs and AzEDS Integrity Rules:

Part 2: Excel Tips to Reconcile Faster: Coming Soon


There are a lot of students without ADM! How do I find them? When I’ve found them, what do I do? This video follows Part 1.

Supporting Materials:

ADM Calculation


ACE, the ADM Calculation Engine, uses AzEDS student data to calculate ADM. The School Finance presentation from November of 2016 covered the actual and projected ADM formulas for different membership types.

AzEDS Calendar


School Finance and AzEDS IT demonstrated the AzEDS Calendar feature and reports in a School Finance Friday.

Coming Soon:

  • FTE Calculation
  • ADM to Payments System for Districts and Charters