Achieving Arizona’s Vision for Education

I am excited to bring you updates on what we’ve been up to here at ADE IT. The team continues to shore up our critical systems, and we have been visiting with LEAs across the state to identify the pieces needed to completely transform how Arizona looks at its educational data – the foundation needed to bring Education Intelligence (EI) to Arizona.

How many times have you wished that you could push a button and see everything you needed to know about students and the teachers making positive impacts in their lives? Knowing what works and what doesn’t, who needs help right away, rewarding teachers for excellence and being able to make data-driven decisions based on current data; not data that has been sitting around for a year? That’s what EI is all about. Nothing is more important than the success of our students statewide, and EI helps create data-driven decisions by understanding the strength of the relationships between parents, students, teachers and administration.

Our focus this year is to line up the technology ADE IT designs to the Arizona’s reform plan and ADE’s strategic objectives. We are continuing the journey to replace SAIS, streamline ADE’s applications, develop an Instructional Improvement System and transform data into information. It’s a big vision, but Arizona’s children deserve our best efforts to make it better.

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Mark T. Masterson, CIO, Arizona Department of Education

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