About Dropout Prevention and Recovery


The purpose of Dropout Prevention and Recovery as part of the Zip Code Project, is to collaborate with districts, schools and other sectors of the community in exploring ways to prevent students from dropping out of school by providing resources, opportunities and outreach that will ultimately help students stay in school and earn a high school diploma, indicating their readiness for college, career, and life.

In order to continue lowering Arizona’s dropout rate and increase the number of high school graduates equipped with the skills necessary to succeed in the 21st century, we must first close the opportunity gap. All students must have equal and adequate access to educational opportunities and resources. To achieve this goal, we strive to ensure that Arizona’s communities, school districts, and individual schools provide each student with multiple pathways to success.


What is a Dropout Recovery Program (DRP)

  • A program dedicated to assisting youth that have left the education system the ability to achieve their high school diploma in an alternative setting including but not limited to online.

What are the requirements of a DRP?

Who can offer a DRP?

  • Every school district or charter district that provides instruction to high school students has the ability to offer a dropout recovery program (DRP) for eligible pupils.  However, A provider of Arizona online instruction (AOI) pursuant to A.R.S. §15-808 may not also operate a DRP.
  • School districts and charter districts may contract with an educational management organization (EMO) to provide a DRP. If contracting with an EMO, the LEA shall ensure that all of the following requirements are met:
    • The EMO is accredited by a regional accrediting body.
    • Teachers provided by the EMO hold a current teaching license from any state and a valid Arizona fingerprint clearance card pursuant to section A.R.S. §15-534, and teachers of core subjects are highly qualified in the subjects to which they are assigned.

What must an LEA do to start a DRP?

  • If a charter district is sponsored by the Arizona State Board for Charter Schools:
    • Charter holder shall submit a program of instruction amendment request to the Arizona State Board for Charter Schools that adds methods of instruction for the dropout recovery program.
    • If necessary, the charter agreement shall be amended by the Arizona State Board for Charter Schools to be consistent with the additional of a dropout recovery program.  Amendments necessary may include but not limited to:
      • Expansion requests
      • Charter mission amendment request
      • Instructional days amendment request
  • All LEAs (including charters) shall submit the following annually by June 30th:
    • Signed and completed Dropout Recovery Program assurance document
    • Sample learning plan
    • LEA definition of Satisfactory Monthly Progress
    • If LEA uses a 3rd party provider (EMO), documentation of their regional accreditation

Once ADE receives the documents, a review process will take place.  After the review, if satisfactory, the request will be sent to the ADE School Finance office to begin the implementation process within the ADE systems. Please note: Currently, ADE does not allow mid-year openings of DRPs. Therefore, any submission currently would be considered for the next fiscal/school year starting on July 1st.

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Contact Information

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Manager of the Zip Code Project
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