School Improvement and Intervention Section


To build LEA and School capacity through a comprehensive system of support that ensures effective and sustainable teaching and learning environments that result in high academic achievement.

Priority and Focus School List–2014

Data Summary Recorded Webinar 9/18/2014

Data Summary Power Point

School Improvement Guidance Recorded Webinar 8/26/2014

School Improvement Guidance SY 14-15 Power Point

Cohort 3 SIG Awardees 

Priority and Focus Required Documents

Cohort 3 SIG Webinar held on April 30, 2014

SII Guidance for Priority Focus Pre-Intervention 2014-2015 V-18  (PDF Version)

Culture and Climate Rubric

SII Self-Readiness Assessment SY14-15 Final (3)

SII LCIP and SCIP Intervention Checklist 2013-2014

Data Summary Report_14-15

Parent Notification Letter 2014-2015 SY Final

Arizona’s Approved Flexibility Request (Coming Soon)

Reward, Priority, and Focus School Criteria Definitions (Coming Soon)

Arizona’s Academic Standards