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The Support and Innovation Unit strives to drive academic reform creating and sustaining highly effective schools by promoting systemic changes.

SI Important Grant Dates


Available Office Dates for Assistance – Summer 2016

SIG Cohort 4 Documents

SIG Cohort 4 Guidance 16-17 5.25.16

SIG New LEA Application FFY15_16 AZ FY_17 5.16.16

SIG Cohort 4 Application Rubric 2016 5_22_16

SIG Cohort 4 Webinar PowerPoint

SIG Cohort 4 Webinar Recording 6.1.16

SIG Allowable Expenses

Selecting Intervention Model Based onSchool Needs v.4


SIG Cohort 3 Documents

SIG Cohort 3 Guidance for 2016-2017

SIG Continuation Application 16-17 SY

SIG Continuation rubric template 16-17v3

SIG FAR Assurances


 All Schools in Improvement Status

Schools in Improvement Status – Required Goals Template 2016-17

Student Data Analysis Reflection Template Final.docx(b)

SI_7 Turnaround Principles_16-17_V4


Self-readiness-assessment-sy16-17 v5

Bottom 25% TA Worksheet

Bottom 25% TA Worksheet Demo


Comprehensive and Targeted Support Schools

(Current Priority and Focus Schools)

C T allowable use of funds 16_17

C_T Assusrances final


FAR Additional Pay Guidance 16-17

C T Rubric template v. 6 4.27.16

CT GRANT APPLICATION 2016_17 v. 9 new dates



AZ Priority and Focus List-5-5-2016

Cohort 3 SIG Awardees 

Support and Innovation Documents

SI Guidance for Priority Focus 2015-16 – FINAL 10 22 15 (4)

SI Self-Readiness Assessment SY15-16 v3

SI Priority and Focus Grant Instructions 2015-16 v 4

Priority & Focus School LEA Assurances

Student Data Analysis Reflection Template Final

 Parent Notification Letter 2015-2016 SY Final

Arizona’s Academic Standards