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CTE Program Specific Certification Requirements

  •  The Handbook – CTE program specific certification requirements are listed under “Program Description/Coherent Course Sequence/Certification” in the Handbook

Looking for CTE Certification Credit?

Verified ADE/CTE Sponsored or Approved Staff/Professional Development for CTE Certification Application and Approval Process  –
Applications are accepted by September 30, January 30 and May 1 within the school year

CTE Approved Professional Development Certification Credit Opportunities for Provisional to Standard Certification 
The Career and Technical Education K-12 Certification process allows for the required continued education to be obtained through staff/professional development activities offered by the local education agency, professional organizations, universities and community colleges, if verified and approved by the Arizona Department of Education Career and Technical Education Division (ADE/CTE). This option is available for applicants seeking to meet the requirements to move from a Provisional CTE K-12 Certificate to a Standard CTE K-12 Certificate under Options A, B, C, and D in all CTE Certification areas.

The participant should receive a copy of the certificate (see sample below) upon completion of the activity from the school, district or other authorized organization*. The participant should submit the certificate with their application for Standard CTE Certification along with other required documentation such as transcripts, verification of work experience etc., to Certification http://www.azed.gov/educator-certification/.

*This activity is verified ADE/Career & Technical Education sponsored or approved staff/professional development to be used for CTE certification

 Current Professional Development Certification Credit Opportunities

Check with your district CTE Director or Program Specialist for additional opportunities!

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 Only Professional Development activities issuing the certificate and verbiage above* can be used for CTE certification credit to move from a Provisional to Standard certificate in lieu of college credit