Agenda Items

  March 24, 2014 - Agenda   PDF  
  Item 2A - Issuing Credit for Embedded Mathematics in CTE Programs   PDF
  Item 4A - Contract Abstracts   PDF
  Item 4B - ISA with ADES for Arizona Career Information System (AzCIS)   PDF
  Item 4C - ISA with ADES Refugee Resettlement Program  for Refugee Education Action Plan   PDF
  Item 4D – Capital Transportation Adjustments for Small School Districts   PDF
  Item 4E – Revoke Certificates held by Timothy Lawson   PDF
  Item 4F - Move on When Reading   PDF
  Item 6B – Grant Certification to Frederick Haynes   PDF
  Item 6C – Yuma JTED Proposal   PDF
  Item 6D – Proposed Amendments to Board Rule Articles 10 and 11   PDF
  Item 6E – Proposed Modfications to A-F Letter Grade Accountability System   PDF


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