Physical Education Standards

Arizona’s Physical Education Standards
Approved 5/18/15    

The Physical Education Standards (approved May 2015) will replace the 2009 Physical Education Standard (approved October 2009). The 2015-16 school year will be a transition year, with full implementation of these standards during the 2016-17 school year.

Download the Physical Education Standards
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Standard K-12 Word  PDF
Standard 1 Word  PDF
Standard 2 Word  PDF
Standard 3 Word  PDF
Standard 4 Word  PDF
Standard 5 Word  PDF
High School Word  PDF
Standard K-5 Word PDF
Standard 6-8 Word PDF
Physical Education Glossary

PE Standards Coding

PE Scoring Guide

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Access the 2009 Physical Education Standard

Urban Physical Education Resource Guide The challenges that face urban physical education teachers are not always unique to an urban school setting, and can often be found in PE classrooms throughout the state.  Urban physical education teachers are often faced with multiple challenges and minimal resources to combat those roadblocks.  The Urban Physical Education Resource Guide was designed to help support teachers in their efforts to combat those challenges.

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