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Arizona Mathematics Standards Support Materials and Trainings

Overview of Arizona’s Mathematics Standards: This document provides an explanation about the key shifts in the Arizona Mathematics Standards.

Parents as Partners: This document is a single page handout designed to assist parents with some clarifying points on standards and curriculum as well as questions parents can ask their students at home.
Padres como Compañeros- En la aula de matemáticasAppendix A: This document can assist districts in designing pathways and courses in high school. This is only a guidance document.

EQuIP – Educators Evaluating Quality Instructional Products

The EQuIP products include rubrics and a quality review process designed to determine the quality and alignment of instructional lessons and units to the Arizona College and Career Ready Standards in ELA and Mathematics.
Included on the EQuIP website are lesson/unit rubrics and feedback forms, e-learning modules, and EQuIP training materials.Exemplary lessons are also posted on the EQuIP website under the Exemplars tab.
Khan Academy College Board SAT Practice
– In partnership with Khan Academy, the College Board is offering personalized, free practiceresources for all students, beginning in May 2015.
Our collaboration offers students and educators:

  • Personalized online practice that complements classroom instruction.
  • An unprecedented view into the design of the SAT®.
  • Free access — anytime, anywhere.

Mathematics Professional Development
All K-12 Professional Development Opportunities
All K-12 FREE Webinars

Arizona Mathematics Assessments

AzMERIT: The AZMerit (Arizona Measurement of Educational Readiness to Inform Teaching) test measures students’ learning and progress towards readiness for college and career.
AzMERIT Mathematics Blueprints:
The AzMERIT blueprint outlines the percentage range of each domain or conceptual category (high school Algebra I and II) that will be assessed on AzMERIT. The blueprints also outline the percentage of points by Depth of Knowledge.
K-8 Major and Supporting Course Documents PDF   
Algebra 1 Course Guidance PDF
Geometry Course Guidance PDF
Algebra II Course Guidance PDF
AzMERIT Calculator Guidance

AzMERIT Scientific Calculator
AzMERIT Graphing and Regression Calculator 
NAEP: NAEP (National Assessment of Educational Progress) is a national assessment of academic content outlined in the NAEP Academic Frameworks. The assessments are given to a sample of students in Grades 4, 8, and 12.

Arizona Course Requirements and Recommended Instructional Time

Arizona Mathematics Certification and HQT Information

Professional Mathematics Teacher Organizations

AATM – Arizona Association of Teachers of Mathematics
– National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
– Mathematics for ALL

NCSM – National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics


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