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Arizona Social Studies Standard

Social Studies Standard Articulated by Grade Level (adopted 2006)

Arizona’s College and Career Ready Standards – Literacy in History/Social Studies

In each of the following documents, the first column includes Arizona’s College and Career Ready Standards – Literacy in History/Social Studies. The second column provides additional explanation of the standards and examples of how each standard could be taught in the social studies classroom.

Search for text to use in your social studies classroom at the AZLibrary for Arizona Residents. Provides a searchable database of full text articles from over 1750 periodicals, research journals, newspapers, and publications.


 Social Studies Professional Development Opportunities

 Social Studies Professional Development Opportunities

Social Studies Course Requirements and Recommended Instructional Time

Recommended Instructional Time (elementary)
High School Graduation Requirements(as adopted on 12/10/07)
Table of High School Course Requirements (as adopted on 12/10/07)

Arizona Social Studies Certification and HQT Information

Arizona Educator Exam Homepage
Arizona’s Model for Identifying Highly Qualified Teachers and Paraprofessionals

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