Arizona College & Career Competency Team Training

AZ CCCTT Cohort MapDo your students have difficulty turning in homework; getting to school on time; focusing on academics during class; studying for tests; completing all aspect of projects; or managing their emotions? Self-Regulation instruction can help.

Do your students lack confidence in their abilities; think that they will always do as well or as poorly as they have done in the past; give up easily when things get hard; or simply feel that they cannot learn the course content or succeed in school, sports, or arts?  Self-Efficacy instruction can help.

Do your students have difficulty expressing themselves in situations like asking for help when they don’t understand; sharing their opinions during group work; or standing up to their peers? Do your students react in an aggressive way by acting dominant or demanding instead of staying respectful?  Assertiveness instruction can help.

Do your students have difficulty taking responsibility for their actions; seeing the perspectives of others; or trying to find satisfactory solutions to disagreements?  Conflict Management instruction can help.

The College and Career Competency Team Training (CCCTT) project is a collaborative professional development initiative led by the Arizona Department of Education and the University of Kansas, Research Collaboration. The purpose of this project is to support educators as they more systematically and comprehensively develop students’ intrapersonal and interpersonal competencies for increased educational achievement, motivation, and improved post-school outcomes.

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