Parent Information

The Arizona Department of Education (ADE) partners with Raising Special Kids (RSK) to strengthen and improve the delivery of parent training and assistance in special education so that parents of children with the full range of disabilities understand their roles and responsibilities in special education and increase their knowledge and skills for participation and decision-making in special education. Statewide parent information and training are offered on various topics to assist parents in:

  • understanding the special education process
  • working with professionals to understand and support their child
  • learning advocacy skills to appropriately participate in meetings

RSK also offers:

  • Special Education assistance documents on a variety of topics
  • Connection to local, regional and national disability resources
  • Regional support teams in Northern Arizona, Central Arizona and Southern Arizona
  • A toll-free help line (1-888-877-5910) for parents staffed by trained and knowledgeable specialists
  • All information, training and support provided in English and in Spanish
  • Support to families of diverse culture, structure and backgrounds
  • All services and supports provided at no cost to parents and family members

Find additional parent resources and information on the Exceptional Student Services webpages: