Graduation and Students With Disabilities


The Guidance Documents for Parents and Public Education Agencies are currently being revised to include guidance regarding Arizona’s new state assessment, AzMERIT. Beginning in Spring 2015, students will take the AzMERIT in place of the AIMS and passing test results on the AzMERIT will not be required in order to graduate with a high school diploma. See this website for more information: For questions related to graduation for students with disabilities, please contact Alissa Trollinger, Director of Special Projects for ADE/ESS, at 602-364-4004 or via email Alissa Trollinger

  • Graduation and Students with Disabilities: A Guide for Public Education AgenciesCurrently Under Revisions
  • Graduation and Students with Disabilities: A Guide for ParentsCurrently Under Revisions


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Raising Special Kids

ADE/ESS Secondary Transition

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Arizona State Board of Education

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High School Graduation Requirements

Revisions to Graduation Requirements (October 21, 2011)



Useful Secondary Transition Planning Resources

Overview of the Transition Planning Process (Flowchart)  

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