Professional Learning and Sustainability (PLS)

To increase recruitment, retention, knowledge and skills of educational
professionals serving students with disabilities in Arizona.
Lisa Aaroe
Director of Recruitment and Retention
(602) 542-4831
Oran Tkatchov
Director of Professional Development
(602) 364-2066

The Professional Learning and Sustainability (PLS) Unit provides professional development for all school personnel working with students with disabilities and further assists Arizona schools with recruitment, preparation, and retention of highly qualified special education personnel. PLS offers information and activities of evidence-based practices through trainings, resources, and technical assistance to support improved outcomes for students with disabilities.

AZ Promising Practices Website

This website provides research to practice guidelines, strategies, and resources to support professionals and parents in improving results for students with disabilities.

Conferences and Institutes

Please click here for more information on the Directors Institute, Teacher Conference, and Principal Institute, as well as archived conference materials.


PLS works to bring qualified applicants to Arizona. We sponsor the Arizona Education Employment Board (AEEB), a website that brings districts/charters and applicants together. This site also lists the positions available statewide. Weekly updates are sent to everyone who registers on the site. We sponsor the annual Great Arizona Teach-In, a job fair for all districts/charters in Arizona. Our marketing brings in more than a thousand applicants from around the country every year for special education teaching positions as well as vacancies in speech-, occupational- and physical therapy. PLS is continually involved in numerous, ongoing recruitment efforts to fill the needs of Arizona schools.

Personnel Development

To enhance personnel development, PLS provides varied training opportunities for educators/schools working with students with disabilities. Trainings include professional development models that achieve high results for implementation. School teams for our trainings must include the building administrator, a special education teacher, and a general education teacher. Other team members are selected based on the needs of the school or the specific training. PLS designs their trainings to follow the National Staff Development Council Guidelines.

Additional Resources

Please visit this page for additional resources such as free, online modules and archived webinar recordings.