The Arizona Department of Education Research and Evaluation division conducts research and program evaluation on pertinent issues and programs related to education for the state of Arizona. This involves conducting empirical and qualitative research for various divisions both within and outside of the Agency.

Our goal is to foster ongoing working relationships within the Arizona Department of Education as well as the community at large. We serve the public education system throughout Arizona by providing empirical and qualitative research and the application of quality program evaluation while advancing community understanding of the relevance of research and evaluation.



Program evaluation can be conducted in a formative setting as part of a continuous improvement cycle or as a summative determination of the merit and worth of a program based on meeting its goals and objectives.

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A systematic application of quantitative and/or qualitative research methods that are used to provide trustworthy information

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R&E provides data to various divisions within the ADE and posts public data on our webpages.


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