Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP)

The goal of the CACFP is to improve and maintain the Health and Nutrition status of children and adults in care while promoting the development of good eating habits.

What’s New in the CACFP and SFSP?

See what’s happening in the Child and Adult Care Food Program and Summer Food Service Program.

Child and Adult Care Centers

A nutritional, educational and meal reimbursement program helping Day Care facilities provide healthy and nutritious meals and snack to children and adults.

Family Day Care Homes

A meal reimbursement program helping Family Day Care Homes (FDCHs) provide well balanced, healthy and nutritious meals and snacks to children in private home settings.

Summer Food Service Program

A Child Nutrition Program which was established to ensure that low-income children, ages 18 and younger, continue to have an opportunity to receive meals when school is not in session.

Farm to Preschool

Farm to preschool is an exciting program for children 0-5 focusing on healthy eating habits.


Information pertaining to procurement requirements for all Sponsors of Child Nutrition Programs.

Memos/Resources/Manuals/Web Links

Resource materials related to CACFP, including FAQs, Census Data, Federal Regulations, guidance manuals, menus, recipes, information resource web links and general program forms.


General forms utilized by Child and Adult Care Food Program participants.

CACFP Trainings

Child and Adult Care Food Program trainings offered to new sponsors and/or new personnel.

Contact Information

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