LEA Budget Resources

District and Charter K3 Reading Budget Forms

FY2018 Budget and FY2017 AFR: Charter | District

FY2017 Budget and FY2016 AFR: Charter | District

District and Charter Expenditure Budget Forms

FY2019 District | District Deseg | Charter

FY2018 District | District Deseg | Charter ∗ FY2017 District | Charter FY2016 District | Charter ∗ FY2015 District | Charter

District, Charter, and County AFR’s

FY2017 District | Charter | County * FY2016 District | Charter | County

FY2015 District | Charter | County

Instructions: Navigating to Budget Reports and Submitted Files

1) How to navigate through the School Finance web site to locate District Reports (e.g.,BUDG25/BUDG75)

2) How to determine the Submitted File Status for both Districts and Charters.

Office of the Auditor General


Uniform System of Financial Records for Arizona Charter Schools (USFRCS) Manual

AG USFRCS Memos Page


Uniform System of Financial Records for Arizona School Districts (USFR)

Chart of Accounts (COA) Only


Impact Aid Information