FY 2016 November BUDG25 Reports have been posted and Include Values from FY 2015 BUDG75 Reports

The FY 2016 BUDG25 reports have been updated to include for values from the FY 2015 BUDG75 reports, as posted on 11/9/2015, with the exception of any FY 2015 over expenditure(s). Any FY 2015 fund over-expenditure amount(s) will not be reflected on the FY 2016 BUDG25 until January.

To Revise or Not to Revise by December 15th

In direct follow-up to the BUDG25 letters that were published October 26, 2015, if the district is still over budgeted or has become over budgeted in either M&O and/or Unrestricted by 1% of the GBL (excluding capacity attributed to the K-3 Reading Add-On not being calculated in the district’s RCL), then a December 15th revision is required. However, if the November FY 2016 BUDG25 report now indicates that the district is no longer over budgeted in either or both funds by 1% of the GBL then a December 15th revision is not required.

Please email any budget-related questions or concerns to sfbudgetteam@azed.gov

Thank you.

FY 2015 BUDG75 Reports are Available

The FY 2015 BUDG75 Reports have been posted to each district’s budget reports home page of the ADE School Finance website. The BUDG75 report reflects the 2015 statewide recalculation and any FY 2015 budget/AFR file submissions successfully processed into the system as of 11/06/2015. 

To download and review a specific district selection, please follow this link: https://www.ade.az.gov/Budget/EntitySelection.asp.

Please contact the School Finance budget team with any questions by emailing sfbudgetteam@azed.gov

Thank you.


Budget System File Upload Alert

Budget System File Upload Alert

The Budget system has been experiencing Technical Difficulties since yesterday around noon and files are not processing into the system.  Because of the heavy demands on the system yesterday, we anticipated it would resolve itself last night – it didn’t. The ADE IT Support group is working on the problem and we are hoping to have it resolved soon.

For those LEAs that submitted revised files; we will process those request after the system problem is resolved.

When you uploaded the file you should have gotten an automated response that included the date the files were uploaded.  If someone requests additional documentation beyond this hot top of the ADE system problem, please email the SF Budget Team at SFBudgetTeam@azed.gov.

If you uploaded a file and the status is “File Pending Validation…”  there may be a slight possibility that you will need to re-upload the file once the system is back online.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

SF Budget Team SFbudgetteam@azed.gov

FY 2016 September BUDG25 Reports Are Posted

The FY 2016 September BUDG25 reports are posted and include values from the September 1, 2015 APOR and any FY 2016 budget revisions successfully uploaded and processed as of August 27th. To download and review a specific entity BUDG25 report, make the district name selection after clicking here.

Common Reasons for RCL Variance

  1. K-3 Reading count is not being paid – see district’s most recent FY 2016 APOR55-1, page 1, for the K-3 Reading count line item under the Add-Ons section of the APOR report. If no K-3 Reading weighted student count has been calculated, then School Finance has not yet been notified that the district is eligible for K-3 Reading. Any questions about the district’s K-3 Reading eligibility for FY 2016 payment should be addressed to the reading program contact at the State Board of Education, Sabrina Vazquez at Sabrina.Vazquez@azsbe.az.gov
  2. The district built its budget using a student count in the FY 2016 budget worksheets that is different than the actual student counts for payment. To reconcile, compare the student counts used by the district for FY 2016 Worksheet B with counts from the district’s most recent FY 2016 APOR 55-1. Any questions about student counts should be addressed to the district’s assigned School Finance account analyst. Note: the account analyst assigned to your LEA may have changed recently, please click here for an updated listing.

Friendly Budget Reminders

♦Budget Reports are updated monthly and usually within a week following any scheduled equalization payment. It is recommended that the district download its budget report, and review for any discrepancy, for as soon as the report is available.

♦Email any budget-related questions, budget concerns, or requests for budget assistance to sfbudgetteam@azed.gov.

Thank you and best wishes for much success in this new fiscal year!

FY 2015 Annual Financial Report (AFR) Files: Available for LEAs & Counties

The Office of the Auditor General and the Arizona Department of Education have issued the Annual Financial Report (AFR) file packages for fiscal year 2015 for districts and charters.  The County 2015 AFR is also available.   The files may be downloaded by clicking the appropriate link below

District, Charter, and County AFR’s:
FY2015: District | Charter | County

Districts and Charters may begin uploading their completed AFRs via common logon beginning September 2, 2015.


FY 2016 Truth In Taxation (TNT) Reports have been posted

The FY2016 Truth in Taxation (TNT) Reports have been posted to each district’s budget reports home page of the ADE School Finance website. To download and review a specific district selection, please follow this link: https://www.ade.az.gov/Budget/EntitySelection.asp.

Contact the School Finance budget team with questions about the TNT Report or with any budget matters by emailing sfbudgetteam@azed.gov


K-3 Reading Budget and AFR Forms Are Available (Required for LEAs that Receive K-3 Reading Funding)

The FY 2016 K-3 Reading budget and FY 2015 K-3 Reading AFRs have been issued. Charter | District

The completed files must be uploaded via the Common Logon by October 1, 2015.

FY2015 Statewide Recalculation

FY 2015 Statewide Recalculation

The Fiscal Year 2015 Statewide Recalculation has been completed. This is based on data submitted by June 30, 2015 (brick and mortar) and July 15, 2015 (AOI). Positive payment adjustments will be included in the FY 2016 September payment by APOR/CHAR 64-1 report as the lump sum adjustment. Negative payment adjustments are to be taken over the entire fiscal year, beginning with the October payment; with 3/12ths taken in October and 1/12th each month after. Hardship applications are available if a district/charter needs to spread the adjustment out over two fiscal years instead of one. In an approved hardship situation, 75% will be taken back in FY 2016 and 25% will be taken in FY 2017. Hardship applications can be found through the link below and must be received no later than September 15, 2015. Please email the form to Xin.Liu@azed.gov.

FY 15 Statewide Recalc Resolution Form

FY15 Statewide Recalculation Payment Adjustment



FY16 Preliminary Charter and DSCS Additional Assistance Reduction

FY2016 Preliminary Charter Additional Assistance reduction has been calculated based on the estimated counts submitted successfully by 7/15/2015 by 4:30pm.

This reduction will be recalculated once all the LEAs reach the 100th day. The final calculation will be based on the 100th day ADM.

FY16 Preliminary Charter and DSCS Additional Assistance Reduction

Preliminary FY2016 District Additional Assistance Reductions

The preliminary FY2016 DAA reductions have been calculated and can be found below:

Preliminary FY16 District Additional Assistance Reduction