Standard Teaching Certificates Under Reciprocity Rules

The Certification Unit may issue a comparable standard Arizona teaching certificate, if the certificate is established under Arizona Board of Education rules, to an applicant who holds a valid certificate from another state that included a requirement to pass that state’s certification exams in order to be certified in that state if required at the time of certification and is in good standing with that other state.

Reciprocity Related Forms
Certificate Application: 
Certification Application Form [PDF]

Application to Convert Reciprocal Provisional to Standard:
Application to Convert a Reciprocal Provisional [PDF]

Reciprocity Frequently Asked Questions:

Question:  What if my certificate from another state is deemed inactive?
Answer: To be eligible for reciprocity, you must be in good standing in the state of issuance.  A clear credential is a required, but not limited to, to be considered in good standing.

Question: What teaching certificates are not reciprocal?
Answer:  Until you make application and with go through the evaluation process we cannot ensure that your certificate will reciprocate. Credentials from other states must be considered clear and meet the requirements as stated in the documents above.  A common out-of-state certificate which does not reciprocate in Arizona is a Middle School teaching certificate as Arizona does not have a stand-alone middle school certificate. There may be other ways of qualifying for an Arizona certificate, please review certificate requirements found on this website.