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The Certification subprogram consistently and accurately enforces the State Board of Education rules and regulations and state statutes governing the certification of professional educators in the state.

What’s New:

Grade Level Change to Secondary Certificate

Special Education Rule Changes Effective January 1, 2016

Northern Arizona Certification On-site: Flagstaff

Application Processing Status – UPDATED

For the week of 3/2/2015 we are processing the following services:

  • Quick Services received the week of 2/27/2015.
    • Quick services include applications for Substitute certificates, Institutional Recommendations (IRs), renewals, conversions, extensions, deficiency removals, duplicate requests and name changes.
  • Evaluation Services received the week of 2/18/2015.
    • Evaluation services include applications for initial certificates, endorsements, and approved areas, applications to transfer reciprocal certificates, CTE Extensions, and CTE conversions.