Technology Planning – Technology Plan Approval

Technology Plan Approval 

Tech PlanningTechnology planning is an important part of ensuring that schools and Local Education Agencies (LEAs) maximize the impact that technology can have on the learning process. This planning is most effective when it is integrated with the other planning processes in an LEA. In Arizona, LEAs submit their Technology Plan via  the Arizona LEA Tracker, or ALEAT, Continuous Improvement Plan (CIP).  Using ALEAT for the technology planning process helps to promote an integrated planning approach and align the purchase, training on, and use of technology with an LEA’s core learning goals. The Arizona Department of Education (ADE) Educational Technology team provides guidance and resources to assist LEAs in creation of a technology plan and serves as the state technology plan approver for LEAs.  NOTE: Arizona only approves technology plans needed for E-Rate Priority Two Services.  However, ADE strongly suggests you continue to follow the tech plan process and to annually review technology’s role in continuous improvement.  

Here is a recording of the webinar presentation  Tech Plans, E-Rate and ALEAT that will give you additional information.

 Deadline for submission of Tech Plan for ADE approval is April 7, 2014.   


Below you will find recent ADE guidance and notices about technology planning and resources to aid the technology planning process.

2013-2014 Guidance for LEA Technology Planning   
NOTE: April 7, 2014 is the deadline to submit to ADE in order for ADE to review and issue a  Tech Plan Approval letter for E-Rate Priority Two Services.

Official guidance from the USAC E-Rate for Schools official site

The 2009 – 2013 Arizona Long Range Technology Plan can also provide guidance and recommendations for LEAs as they develop their plans.

Approved Tech Plan Spreadsheet

To check to see when your Technology Plan is due for revision, click here for the Tech Plan Approval spreadsheet.


Below are a few of the resources have been created to assist LEAs in the technology planning process:

  • Revised Tech Plan Process Flowchart (revised 9/2013): Includes a graphical representation of the steps a typical LEA would complete during the technology planning process.
  • Revised Needs Assessment Template: A framework for reviewing an LEA’s technology needs in preparation for developing goals, strategies, and action steps for the use of technology within an LEA.
  • Revised CIPA Certification: Must be on file with the Arizona Department of Education for E-Rate Priority Two verification.
  • Revised Technology Strategies and Action Step Examples – Examples of strategies/actions steps that align with ALEAT’s Standards for Effective LEAs. Add “TECH” tags to each action step.
  • Revised Technology Planning FAQs - A list of common questions and answers that LEAs have about technology planning.