ADE recognizes and values the research work done by the education community and policy makers to improve education in Arizona. As with most organizations, ADE has limited resources to respond to data requests. Well written research proposals that are aligned with the ADE External Partnership Priorities will receive higher priority and preference.

Public Data SetsMany program areas within the ADE post public data sets and reports that may be immediately downloaded and utilized. These are aggregated reports that do not include student level data. A list of popular data sets has been compiled for your convenience.Data Request Process

Effective August 1, 2013, the ADE has updated policies and processes around the processing of data requests in order to improve the quality, timeliness, security and appropriateness of requests and request handling.

  1. All requestors are expected to have reviewed all existing public data sets that have been published on the ADE website and confirm that the desired data is not available prior to submitting the request.
  2. All requests for data need to be submitted electronically to the Department of Education using the procedures below.
  3. Requests are reviewed for completeness and detail prior to review.
  4. Requests for student-level-data and/or personally identifiable information are subject to additional scrutiny by the ADE Data Request Review Board. Be aware that ADE may legally deny, with any or no reason, requests for student-level-data and/or personally identifiable information.
  5. An approved data request is conditional, pending the execution of a memorandum of understanding or data use agreement, if applicable. Failure to execute any applicable MOU or DUA on terms acceptable to the ADE will result in the request being denied.
  6. Requests that are approved are placed in a processing queue. ADE uses its discretion in prioritizing requests. There is no guarantee that the requested data will be delivered by the requested date.

Aggregated Data Requests

If the research necessitates only aggregate student information, but that is not already available online, ADE will process the request in aggregate, suppressing results as needed to ensure that personally identifiable information is not released. It is ADE’s policy, in accordance with state and federal education laws, that public reports or datasets provided in response to a data request containing aggregate student data must suppress results for small groups of students when associated with characteristics that would make it possible to identify a student. According to federal education laws, confidential information includes “a list of personal characteristics or other information that would make it possible to identify the child with reasonable certainty.” Consequently, this policy applies whenever an identified group contains fewer than 10 students. When an identified group is smaller than this threshold, the report will display a placeholder (for example, * or ‘NA’).

Personally Identifiable Information

The Data Request Review Board for the Arizona Department of Education (ADE) reviews all requests that are made to conduct research using personally identifiable data from the AELAS. Any person or organization, including doctoral and master’s degree candidates, university faculty, independent researchers, and private and non-profit organization who wishes to use personally identifiable information of any type, must submit a data request. The ADE reserves the right to refuse a data request for student-level-data and/or personally identifiable information for any reason, especially if, in ADE’s view, it has the potential to negatively impact the state of Arizona, a particular school, a staff group, cohorts of students or established laws and rules. ADE will automatically refuse any data requests if personally identifiable information could be made public as part of the research study.

Online Request FormRequestors seeking aggregate data (with cell suppression for low n-counts) can either complete the online form or download the ‘Data Extract Release & Release Guidelines and Form’ and submit it and any supporting documentation to [email protected]. Please be as descriptive as possible so the ADE can process your request in a timely manner.Requestors seeking student level data and/or personally identifiable data must download the ‘Data Extract Request & Release Guidelines and Form’ and submit it and all supporting documentation to [email protected]. This includes all aggregate data requests without cell suppression.

Go to Online Form (aggregate data only)

For status inquiries on existing requests only, please contact [email protected] referencing the original request and/or agreement. If you have a new critical data request that affects your organization’s compliance with federal or state programs, please contact [email protected] with details of the request.

About the Data Request Review BoardIn order for the Arizona Department of Education (ADE) to comply with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act Regulations (FERPA) ‘34 CFR Part 99’ as well as other federal and state regulations, a Policy has been established to define the purpose and responsibilities of the Data Request Review Board (DRRB).The purpose of the Data Request Review Board (DRRB) is to implement processes for the provisioning of accurate, timely data and information to our internal and external customers while protecting personally identifiable student information and other confidential information.

  • Establishing, encouraging, and enforcing policies and procedures for responding to data and information requests
  • Providing and continually improving standard procedures for entering, prioritizing, and responding to data and information requests
  • Protecting the privacy of students, parents, and teachers
  • Providing for training of ADE staff to initiate and manage data requests
  • Prioritizing requests as needed
  • Assigning requests as needed
  • Reviewing and determining the legality of responding to requests as needed
  • Reporting and escalating issues to the Data Governance Board as needed
  • Reviewing the flow and completion of requests
  • Establish rules to expedite requests where no threat to the release of student or personal private information exists

Data Request Review Board Meeting Dates

If you are submitting a data request that contains personally identifiable information please provide adequate lead time so your request can be considered by the DRRB. DRRB meetings are closed to the public.

  • August 30, 2013
  • November 22, 2013
  • February 21, 2014