What is College and Career Ready?

The level of preparation a student needs in order to enroll and succeed—without remediation—in a credit-bearing course at a postsecondary institution that offers a baccalaureate degree or transfer to a baccalaureate program, or in a high‐quality certificate program that enables students to enter a career pathway with potential future advancement.

Success is defined as completing the entry‐level courses or core certificate courses at a level of understanding and proficiency that makes it possible for the student to consider taking the next course in the sequence or the next level of course in the subject area or of completing the certificate.

~ Conley, 2007, 2010

ECAP = Education and Career Action Plan The Arizona State Board of Education, in February 2008, voted into board rule the Education Career Action Plan for students in grades 9–12. Arizona educators believe that integrating the Education and Career Action Plan (ECAP) process into all facets of the school experience enables students to be lifelong learners and problem solvers, developing and applying 21st-century skills to their life experiences—as students, as workers, as consumers, and as responsible citizens. With the ability to identify skills and interests and to apply that knowledge to create their own ECAPs, our students will have developed needed skills to advance in a more fluid, seamless transition, meeting 21st-century technologies, postsecondary requirements, eventually the work-place.

Arizona Career Information System The Arizona Department of Education is pleased to make AzCIS (Arizona Career Information System) available online to all Arizona residents. It is a free resource tool for middle and high school students. AzCIS is designed to provide comprehensive educational, career, and occupational information to help the users in making better-informed career and school choices. Using AzCIS supports lifelong career planning and promotes career self-reliance. AzCIS includes tools that encourage self-assessment, exploration, research, goal setting, and decision- making. The portfolio portal provides students with methods to develop and update their Educational Career Action Plans (ECAPS).

chalkboard standardsStandards Preparing Arizona Students for College, Career, and Life. This page will give a review of the various kinds of college and career readiness standards. How do we prepare students for future success?

acceptedThe new College Access Standards for Student Success competencies can help educators to guide students through the successful process of college access.  These seven comprehensive college access standards and competencies are critical for student success. The College Access Standards for Student Success (Standards) include the areas of college planning and youth development along the PreK-16 continuum necessary to prepare all students to be college and career ready. These Standards are intended to be utilized by college access programs and school educators to improve the effectiveness of programs and services.

girlDo Your Students Have the Skills to Be Employed? What are the skills students need to get a job, keep a job and advance in a career? Do your students have these skills?  Getting students to graduate is important, but helping them become employable and ready for the workforce is another task in and of itself. Arizona’s Workplace Employability Skills, defined by the voices of Arizona business and industry, identify the standards for the future of Arizona’s workplace.   Click here to view the complete document and resources.

Arizona School Guidance and Counseling A comprehensive school counseling program in Arizona focuses on what all students should know, understand, and be able to do in these three domain areas: academic, career, and personal/social. The emphasis is on academic success for all students so that they can achieve success in school and develop into contributing members of society. School counselors work with all students to ensure college and career readiness.

Arizona Dropout Prevention It is important to identify and explore ways to prevent students from dropping out of school. This website provides resources, opportunities, and outreach information to ensure that Arizona’s districts and schools provide each student with multiple pathways to success, to ultimately help students stay in school and earn a high school diploma, indicating their readiness for college, career, and life.

Link to College and Career Ready Resources There are a number of organizations that work in the college-and career-readiness and success landscape. Learn more about each of these organizations in this link.


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