CTE Postsecondary

Postsecondary Federal Perkins Grant Guide  (PDF)


Grants Overview
FY17 Postsecondary Federal Perkins Reporting Timeline (PDF)

GME System – Access, Create, and Edit Federal Perkins Grant Application Using The ADE/GME System
Link to Grants Management Enterprise (GME) Click Here!
Navigating The New ADE GME System  (PDF)
Postsecondary Grant Submission
Federal Perkins Grant Application Process (PDF)
Program Details – Performance Measures  (PDF)
Creating S.M.A.R.T. Objectives  (PDF)

Federal Perkins Grants – Fiscal
Supplement vs. Supplant  (PDF)
Federal Perkins Grant Budget Guidelines – Allowable Expenses  (PDF)
Guidance from USDOE Working Lunch Guidelines  (PDF)
FAQs to Assist U.S. Department of Education Grantees to Appropriately Use Federal Funds for Conferences and Meetings  (PDF)
CTE Equipment Guidelines  (PDF)
Distribution of Funds to Eligible Postsecondary Recipients  (PDF)