Academic Standards Delivered Within CTE

Rigorous academic content is delivered in CTE programs. The first project to analyze rigorous academic content examined AIMS Mathematics and College Work Readiness levels within 8 CTE programs resulting in the Mathematics and CTE Programs Standards Crosswalk. Identification and promotion of rigorous and relevant academic CTE content results in increased academic skill attainment and addresses implications for CTE with the high school graduation requirements. The ADE CTE Section, ASU, Mathematics Standards Articulation Team members and exemplary CTE program teachers partnered to identify the rigorous and challenging Mathematics content within the 8 CTE programs. Regular periodic revisions will occur as additional academic content is determined.

Click on the bullets below to review relevance as it relates to rigor in academics, the analysis process and the high school graduation requirements. Click on programs of interest to view the Mathematics Standards Crosswalk to CTE program standards and measurement criteria. Widely used classroom methods and resources for delivery of Math in CTE follow the crosswalk products.

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