State Board Advisory Committees



Committee Contact Phone
Career Ladder Advisory Committee (CLAC) Beth Driscoll 602.364.1842
Performance Based Compensation Task Force Beth Driscoll 602.364.1842
Professional Practices Advisory Committee (PPAC) Charles Easaw 602.542.2972
Special Education Advisory Panel (SEAP) Angela Denning 602.364-4008
Teacher Certification Advisory Committee (CAC) Kasey Ohrns 602.542.4000
A-F School Accountability Committee Christine Thompson 602-542-5057
Career and Technical Education Advisory Committee (CTE) Dan Brown 602.364.2281
Certification Appeals Advisory Committee (CAAC) Kasey Ohrns 602.542.4000
Structured English Immersion Models Committee (SEI) Sabrina Vazquez 602.542.2298
Data Governance Commission Aiden Fleming 602.364-2453

State Board Advisory Committee Application


Certification Advisory Committee   April 1, 2015  9:30am

Contact Information

Arizona State Board of Education
1535 West Jefferson, Bin 11
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Executive Director: Christine M. Thompson
Tel: (602) 542-5057
Fax: (602) 542-3046