Arizona Science Standards

Arizona Science Standard (adopted 2004, revised 2005)

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The ADE is pleased to announce that effective October 4, 2016, the 60 day window for public comment on existing Science Standard (2004) and Social Studies Standard (2005) has been opened. The public survey to provide feedback on existing standards will be available through December 3, 2016. The ADE is also accepting applications for educators (K-12 and higher education) to serve on the revision committees for each of the content areas. The application for committee members will remain open for the duration of the revision process.

Arizona’s Standards for Literacy in Science

In each of the following documents, the first column includes Arizona’s Standards for Literacy in Science. The second column provides additional explanation of the standards and examples of how each standard could be taught in the science classroom.

Three-Dimensional Science Instruction

The following documents provide guidance or examples for how to bundle objectives within Arizona’s Science Standard for three-dimensional science instruction.


Learning Progressions Documents

Three-Dimensional Science – Concept Organizer Template and Lessons

Three-Dimensional Science – Curriculum Analysis Template and Lessons

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Science and STEM Professional Development Opportunities

The following webinars, workshops, and online courses are open for registration in ADE’s Calendar of Events.


Arizona Science Assessment

Science AIMS will be administered to grades 4, 8, and HS Biology during Spring 2016 and all subsequent school years until a new science standard is adopted and implemented. A timeframe for adopting new science standards or changing the science assessment in Arizona has not yet been determined.Science Student Guides

AIMS Science Performance Level Descriptors


Arizona Course Requirements and Recommended Instructional Time


Arizona Science Certification and HQT Information

Laboratory Safety Resources

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Science Professional Development Opportunities

STEM Professional Development Opportunities

Link to the Science Instructional Resource Page

Link to the Science Professional Resource Page

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