Special Projects

The Special Projects Unit is comprised of multiple areas that are quite distinct from each other:

Accessible Educational Materials

This unit assists Public Education Agencies to obtain textbooks and other core instructional materials for students on IEPs who require alternative formats to access printed text.

Judy Olaiz, Assistive Technology Administrative Assistant

Assistive Technology (AT)

The Assistive Technology (AT) team provides ongoing statewide assistive technology training, technical assistance, and resources to guarantee that all students and school personnel have equal access to appropriate AT strategies and services.

Ann Gortarez, Bruce Kennedy and Mary Keeney, Assistive Technology Specialists

Data Management

The Data Management team is responsible for the collection, review, validation, verification, and Analysis of Special Education Data in Arizona.

Peggy Staples and Chris Brown, Data Management Specialists

Maria Durazo, Administrative Assistant

Medicaid School-Based Claiming

Medicaid School-Based Claiming (MSBC) is a joint federal and state program that offers reimbursement for both the provision of covered medically necessary school-based services and for the cost of administrative activities.

Secondary Transition

The Secondary Transition team works with students, families, school personnel, and other state agencies to address transition planning, and includes Post School Outcomes (PSO).

Andi Asel, Ana Núñez, and Lorrie Sheehy, Transition Specialists
Jeannette Zemeida, Administrative Assistant

Secure Care

The Secure Care team works toward successful reintegration of students from secure care facilities to community and life.

Aanya Rispoli and Janis Shoop, Secure Care Specialists

Traumatic Brain Injury

Exceptional Student Services contracts with a training consultant to provide training services to Arizona educators, parents, and interested community members in the basics of working with students with traumatic brain injuries in school and community settings. For information on TBI, email Jeannette Zemeida.

Contact Us

Arizona Department of Education, Exceptional Student Services/Special Projects
Alissa Trollinger, Director of Special Projects
Physical Location: 3300 N. Central Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85012
Mailing Address: 1535 W. Jefferson St., Bin #24, Phoenix, AZ 85007
Telephone: (602) 542-3855
For questions please call the Special Projects Coordinator at the number listed above or e-mail [email protected]

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