Request Assistance

In order to provide more consistent, accurate and timely information and support, Exceptional Student Services in collaboration with Dispute Resolution is updating and expanding the ways in which schools and parents can contact us. Parents and schools may contact us through one of the following specialized areas by telephone, email, or a new Request Assistance Inbox, depending on their specific needs.

Four ways to seek assistance:

  • Raising Special Kids (RSK)

    RSK is a nonprofit parent organization that provides support and information for parents of children with a full range of disabilities and health care needs from birth to age 26. Programs are offered at no cost to families and are available in English and Spanish. Visit Raising Special Kids for more information. Raising Special Kids has a toll-free help line (1-888-877-5910) for parents, which is staffed by trained and knowledgeable specialists. You may also email your questions to Raising Special Kids.

  • Request Assistance

    Exceptional Student Services offers Request Assistance, an email inbox that is now available for you to submit any of your special education questions for prompt reply. You may email us your questions, and someone will contact you during regular weekday work hours within 24 hours of your posting the question. Email your questions to Request Assistance Inbox.

  • Contact Your School’s Program Specialist

    Program Support and Monitoring program specialists are assigned to each Arizona district and charter school to provide program assistance. Program specialists offer technical assistance and monitor special education programs in school districts and charter schools throughout the state. To contact the person assigned to your school, click on ESS program specialist caseload list to launch a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet with the list of currently assigned specialists and how to contact them.

  • Dispute Resolution/Early Resolution

    Early Resolution Specialists from the Legal Department/Dispute Resolution unit provide technical assistance to parents of children with disabilities and schools seeking early resolution to their disputes prior to using the formal dispute resolution options available under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). In addition, they can provide guidance on how to access the formal dispute resolution options when appropriate. For further information, please visit the Early Resolution website or email your questions to Early Resolution.



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