Professional Learning and Sustainability (PLS)


To increase recruitment, retention, knowledge and skills of educational professionals serving students with disabilities in Arizona.

The Professional Learning and Sustainability (PLS) Unit provides professional development for all school personnel working with students with disabilities and further assists Arizona schools with recruitment, preparation, and retention of highly qualified special education personnel. PLS offers information and activities of evidence-based practices through trainings, resources, and technical assistance to support improved outcomes for students with disabilities.


AZ Promising Practices Webpage

This website provides research to practice guidelines, strategies, and resources to support professionals and parents in improving results for students with disabilities.


Institutes & Trainings

PLS provides three annual professional development opportunities: Directors Institute, Teachers’ Institute, and Principals Institute. Additional training opportunities are provided throughout each year.

Institutes and Trainings


PLS is continually involved in numerous, ongoing recruitment efforts to fill the needs of Arizona schools. Our marketing attracts more than a thousand qualified applicants from around the country every year for special education and related service personnel positions.



PLS offers activities and assistance to Arizona schools for retaining special education personnel. Support is available through websites, programs, online courses, and webinars.


Personnel Development

PLS provides varied training opportunities for educators/schools working with students with disabilities. Our professional development model leads to high achievement in implementation and sustainability.

PLS Initiatives

Professional Development Resources

These resources are included to provide further assistance and support to all school personnel serving students with disabilities.