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    View all alerts distributed this year via the ESS Data Management list serv.  These alerts can be viewed as a list or as a blog roll. Archives for FY 2014 can be found as a list or as a blog roll.
    This page contains historical and trend data on special education student population with breakouts by public education agency (PEA), county, disability, ethnicity/race, gender, grade, age, and placement (LRE) based on the October 1 Federal Special Education Child Count (Child count date was December 1 prior to FY 2009).
      Discover useful tools for those who submit data for students with disabilities to the Student Accountability Information System (SAIS). Find relevant SAIS codes, tables that illustrate which needs may be reported with which service codes, and more.
    Find materials related to the October 1 Federal Child Count, including instructions for each phase of census process, frequently asked questions, and SPED07 report information. This page will be useful to public education agency (PEA) personnel responsible for submitting census data.
    View a description of this annual federal data reporting requirement.
    This page contains recordings of recent webinars presented by ESS Data Management as well as information about other ESS Data Management training opportunities.
    Browse other data-related resources to learn more about record retention, IDEA data collection requirements, and data quality tips for school personnel.

     Other Data Links

    If the data available on the Arizona SPED Student Population Data page does not provide enough information or if different data is needed, an external data request must be submitted to the ADE IT Data Management team.  Instructions on how to submit an external data request can be found here.

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