High Academic Standards for Students


In a standards based educational system, standards, curriculum and instruction are purposefully linked to ensure that all students have the opportunity to meet high levels of excellence.  Arizona Academic Standards are clearly defined skills and knowledge that all students are expected to learn at each specified grade level in each specified content area. Standards set the focus and essentially define WHAT must be learned by all students. Curriculum and instruction define HOW the standards will be taught and are established at the local LEA level.  An aligned curriculum ensures that all resources, materials, instructional practice, and assessments reflect the requirements of the state standards. Thoughtful development, careful oversight and ongoing evaluation are the hallmarks of an aligned, relevant and locally responsive curriculum. The delivery of evidence based instructional strategies in the classroom directly reflecting the locally adopted curriculum, ensuring that all students have full access to a guaranteed, viable curriculum that prepares them for college and career.


The High Academic Standards for Students divison is comprised of the sections listed below. Specialists in each section provide professional development and technical assistance to Arizona educators as they implement an instructional delivery plan that effectively connects state standards, local curriculum and classroom instruction across the spectrum of preschool, English language learner, and K-12 teaching and learning environments.








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K-12 Academic Standards

College and Career Ready Standards (Common Core Standards + 2010 Arizona Additions)

K-12 Literacy

Office of English Language Acquisition Services

Early Childhood