Data Collection

Data Collection Large

Data provides the information decision makers need in order to create a safe and positive learning environment.

1. Comprehensive Health Surveillance System Matrix (CHSS Matrix)

The CHSS Matrix indicates the following information on four different surveillance tools:

Sponsor(s) Unit of Analysis
Purposes Data Categories
Frequency Questionnaires
Survey Design Reports

Download PDF Matrix below
CHSS Matrix

2. Surveillance Tools and Reports
Detailed information on four surveillance tools used for data collection and corresponding reports in Arizona schools. Click on the appropriate link to view the surveillance tool profile.

3. Safety and Climate Survey
The Safety and Climate Survey was implemented annually from 2010 – 2015 with several schools as part of the Safe and Supportive Schools Grant. The survey incorporates items from the Center of Disease Control’s Youth Risk Behavior Survey and items from Zullig et al (2010), climate constructs, and Add Health School Connectedness items. The survey was tested and found to have high reliability and validity. Peer-reviewed publications supporting the reliability and validity of the survey are:
• Zullig, K.J, Koopman, T., Patton, J.M., and Hubbes, V.A. (2010) “School Climate: Historical Review, Instrument Development and School Assessment” Journal of Psychoeducational Assessment, 28(2): 139-152.
• Zullig, K.J., Collins, R., Ghani, N., Patton, J.M., Huebner, E., and Ajamie, J. (2012) “Psychometric Support of the School Climate measure in a large, diverse sample of adolescents: a replication and extension.” Journal of School Health, 84(2): 82-90.
The survey, protocol to conduct the survey online, and supporting documents are included below:

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