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If a student is retained, the school district governing board or the governing board of the charter school shall offer at least one of the following intervention and remedial strategies developed by the state board of education. These include:

  • A requirement that the pupil be assigned to a different teacher for reading instruction
  • Summer school reading instruction
  • In the next academic year, intensive reading instruction that occurs before, during or after the regular school day, or any combination of before, during and after the regular school day
  • Online reading instruction

This law will ensure students receive the instruction they need to develop their skills in reading. It will reduce the need for remedial education in later grades. Research shows us that students who cannot read are more likely to drop out of school. This intensive instruction helps prevent future school failure. Ensuring every student becomes a reader will contribute to Arizona’s economy by developing a skilled workforce and individuals who are prepared for higher education.

English Language Arts Common Core Standards K-5 and Foundational skills


Arizona Response to Intervention

VIDEO: The Balance of Informational and Literary Texts in K-5

From: TheHuntInstitute |

• Shift the balance to 50 percent informational texts and 50 percent literature in elementary grades

• Importance of balance in preparing for later grades and non-literary texts

Florida Center for Reading


Arizona K-Grade 5 Literacy Plan

K-5 Literacy Self Assessment

A Comprehensive Reading Assessment Plan K-3

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