Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I find the 2010 Arizona Language Arts Standards and the Alignment Documents (formerly known as the crosswalk)?

(Click Here) The 2010 Arizona English Language Arts Standards, the Arizona Additions, and the Alignment Documents are posted online.

2. Where can I find K-12 Literacy and RTI trainings?

(Click Here) RTI, K-12 Literacy and other Professional Developement trainings

3. Where can I find information about AZREADS and what kind of assessment should I find in my K-3 child’s classroom?

The AZREADS home page contains a copy of the ARS §15.704 legislation, State Board Policy, Action Plan and Assessment links.

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4. Where do I find the 3rd Grade Retention Memo and Parent Letter?

(Click Here) The 3rd Grade Retention Memo and Parent Letter is available online.