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The Arizona Birth through Grade 12 State Literacy Plan is open for public review and comment.

There is a survey link at the end of each section. Please take a moment at the end of each section to give your feedback.  On the surveys, please address the following:

  • feedback on the usefulness of the material  
  • feedback on the ease of using the document 
  • feedback on any content errors or omissions  
  • feedback on grammar errors, and typos 
  • feedback on anything else we need to know to make the document useful for all stakeholders in Arizona

We look forward to and appreciate all feedback.  Thank you!


                Acknowledgments                                  PDF     Word

I. Arizona’s Story                                                   PDF     Word

II. Literacy Framework                                          PDF     Word

III. Common Structural Components                  PDF     Word

IV. Implementation                                               PDF     Word

V. References                                                      PDF     Word

VI. Supporting Documents and Internet Resources