Superintendent of Public Instruction Diane Douglas and the Arizona Department of Education are committed to providing the highest quality education to Arizona’s 60,000 American Indian students in the Arizona public/charter school system. The ADE Indian Education office is in the Special Projects Division of the Arizona Department of Education. Our vision for Arizona’s Native American students is that they be well-educated, healthy, confident individuals with a strong sense of cultural identity, self-worth, and the belief that their goals and dreams are attainable.

The Indian Education office administers federal grants, including the Johnson‐O’Malley Program, to meet the educational and cultural needs of participating LEAs and implements A.R.S. 15‐244, Indian Education Act.  Outreach is provided to all of Arizona’s local educational agencies on reservations and urban areas with high populations of American Indian students.  Technical assistance is provided in collaboration with all units at ADE that interface with these LEAs.  Conferences and training, as well as parental involvement activities, are also provided on-site and at ADE.  The Director of Indian Education serves as a liaison between the tribal education departments and the ADE, works via partnerships with outside agencies to provide resources for Native American students, and facilitates the Superintendent’s initiatives to benefit the academic achievement and cultural awareness of Arizona’s indigenous youth.


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